Muslin Swaddler & Burp Cloth Combo  $17.95
1st Class Shipping                               $ 4.00
Here are close up pictures of the white
muslin swaddler.  You can see how light and
airy the fabric is.  It's perfect for summer
days and is a great blanket to double with a
flannel for extra warmth
in the winter.  All
the burp cloths are backed with soft,
absorbent terry cloth.  Double layers are
extra absorbent. The Burp Cloths are
approximately 17 X 10 inches.
Below are pictures of the different burp
cloths that pair well with this blanket.
Swaddler Color
Burp Cloth Print
Cotton Animal Stripe
Cotton Carousel
Cotton Pink Multi Dot
Flannel Blue Multi Dot
Cotton Brown w Animal
Cotton Lime Mod Dot
Flannel Gray w Flowers
Cotton Owl
Cotton White W Dot
Flannel Blue w Polka Dots
Flannel Pink w Polka Dots
Flannel Blue Trendy Dot
Flannel Pink Trendy Dot
Flannel Bug Print
Flannel Ducky
Flannel Frog
Flannel Gum Ball
Flannel Lion
Flannel Monkey
Flannel Lav w White Flowers
Flannel Lamb
Flannel Pink w Animals
Flannel Green w Blue Dot
Flannel Lime w Brown Animal
Flannel Pink w White Dot
Flannel Blue w White Dot
Flannel Puppy
Flannel Lime w White Stripe
Flannel Pink Multi Dot
Flannel Trains
Flannel Safari
Flannel White w Dots
Flannel Green Multi Dot
Flannel Lav w Stripe & Dot
Flannel Little Buddy
Flannel Teal w Purple Flower
Flannel Pink Mod Print
Flannel Multi Flower