The Train With No Name Personalized Book
Do you know a child who loves trains.  This cute story
is all about a little train that has been disregarded by
all of the other trains and has no name.  A book of
compassion, courage and adventure awaits as your child
decides to become the engineer and ends up naming the
little train.
Your child's name, city and state and friends are all a
part of this story, and can be a book for boys or
This is a hard cover book with 33 pages and has lots
of full color pictures.
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The Train With No Name         $16.95
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This is the dedication page.  On this page their full name is listed, along with their age, a personalized
message, who the book is from and the date of the gift.
In the rest of the book, their first name is used.  If they go by a shortened name or a nick name, you
can give that information, such as Christopher and Chris, or Ava and Sugar Pie or whatever endearing name
you call that child.  If they don't have a nickname, leave that field blank when you order.
Your child and his
friends are visiting the
train yard and come
across this little track
This is where Tommy
and his friends see how
the little train is sad
because he has no
After their
adventure the other
trains see that the
little track train
has value.
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