We are on a mission to show our kids
that even though they are young and
live in small-town Missouri, they can
do BIG things and make a lasting
impact on other nations. We are
partnering with Christian Relief Fund
and helping our kids raise funds to
build a well in Kenya, Africa. The CDC
estimates that nearly 800 million
people – many of whom are children –
do not have access to an adequate
water source; And across sub-Saharan
Africa, people walk an average of
more than 3 miles each day to collect
water for their families and
communities. Not only does this daily
chore keep women and children from
being able to work or attend school,
but the water they collect typically
carries bacteria and disease. We want
to help our kids change that for at
least one village.
We have focused our efforts on
thinking outside the box during this
quarantine time.  I came to the
realization a few weeks ago that as a
nation we were in a crisis season and
the thought came to me that the
people of Kenya live in crisis 24
hours a day, 7 days a week, 365
days a year, year after year after
year.  They have to have water to
live, yet their water supply is
contaminated and when they drink it
they get sick and many die.  This
broke our hearts and made us more
determined to think about creative
ways to continue to move forward on
this effort.  We are doing bake
sales and delivering yummy treats
and we have the items pictured in an
Etsy Shop.
The link to check out these items is:
ThisNthatGallery/The Well Project
Check out the link below to
watch a short video about the
domino effect of clean water
The Water Connection
All of the items you see
here are available for
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