The Sibling Personalized Book
Every family that has more than one child faces the dilemma
of becoming a big brother or sister when a new baby joins
the family.  Your child's name and the baby's name are both
included.  Books can be a great way to impart transitional
messages, like this one, to your child in a relaxed and
pleasant environment.  Take a look at the pictures below to
get a general feel for the story.
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Full Name
Nick Name
Name of Baby
Baby’s Gender
City & State
Book From
Date of Gift
This is the dedication page.  On this page the child's full name is listed, along with their age, a personalized
message, who the book is from and the date of the gift.
In the rest of the book, their first name is used.  If they go by a shortened name or a nick name, you can give
that information, such as Christopher and Chris, or Ava and Sissy or whatever endearing name you call that
child.  If they don't have a nickname, leave that field blank when you order.
Here you see the
child's nick name,
gender, age, city (if
you give city and
state, then the state
will be included) and
the baby's gender.
On this page Abby
discovers that life in
the family may
change based upon the
needs of the new
On this page the
baby's name is
used.  Abby is
tempted to behave  
like her baby
brother to get more
attention from her
parents, but then
realizes she's a big
girl and would feel
The baby's name is
all throughout this
book.  The big
brother or sisters
name is on every
page.  Here Abby
thinks about what it
will be like when the
new baby can play
with her.
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