The Big Circus Personalized Book
All kids love the circus.  When your child and his friends go
to the circus, a clown becomes ill and can't perform.  Guess
who steps in and saves the day?  You guessed it!  Your child.  
This cute story is full of fun and daring adventure with your
child becoming the hero.
Personalized books make great gifts and will quickly become a
favorite as they read stories where they are a part.  If
your child loves to be read to, or reads on their own, these
books will be something they save to show their own kids.  A
personalized message is added along with your name as the
giver and the date to make this a keepsake.
Full Name
Nick Name
City & State
Book From
Date of Gift
The Big Circus                         $16.95
First Class Shipping                $  4.00
This is the dedication page.  
The child's full name, age,
your personal message, date
of gift and your name are on
this page.  This makes this
book a keepsake.   
We have many people tell us
they received personalized
books when they were
children and they still have
them today.  
If your child goes by a
nickname, you can add that
when you order, like
Christopher and Chris or Ava
and sweetie.  If no nickname
is used you can leave that
spot blank.
Friends are listed on
this page. Your child
discovers that one of
the clowns is sick and
could he (or she) take
his place.
Here they anticipate the dangerous
acts they might perform.
And now they're on....
As you can see, the graphics are really cute and colorful.  Your child will love this book  Please verify
spelling when you order as that is the information I will use to make the book.

I am a licensed Create A Book dealer from St. Louis, Mo.

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