My Tea Party Personalized Book
Do you have a little girl who is into "all things girly"?     
Her name, city and state, friends and even an adult loved
one make up this story that's all about a tea party.  Your
little one will learn about sending out invitations, making
tea and all of the preparations for having a tea party.  
The story line makes this a fun book for them yet a
learning tool for you.  With 32 pages and full color
graphics, this book will surely be a keepsake.
My Tea Party                        $16.95
First Class Shipping              $ 4.00
Full Name
Nick Name
Adult Helper
City & State
Book From
Date of Gift
This is the dedication page.  On this page their full name is listed, along with their age, a personalized
message, who the book is from and the date of the gift.
In the rest of the book, their first name is used.  If they go by a shortened name or a nick name, you can
give that information, such as Abigail and Abby, or Ava and Sugar Pie or any other name you call that child.  
If they don't have a nickname, leave that field blank when you order.
On this page their first and
last name and their city and
state are mentioned.
As you can see, the pictures
are cute and colorful.
Aunt Nene is the adult
helper in this story.  
Your story can be
Mommy, Grandma or any
other person that is
close to the child.
Here the adult
helper shows the
child a box of
clothes for proper
"tea" attire.
Learning to make
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be using to make your book.  Thanks....

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