My First Day of School
My First Day of School is a fun way to reinforce a positive
school experience for your child.  Sometimes the first day
of school can be scary for some children.  Making a book all
about their first day can be a fun way to remember that
school can be a good experience.  
This is the dedication  
page and the first page in
the book.  It has the
child's full name, a
personal message from
you, who the book is from
and  the date.
A child's nickname can be
added.  In this story, Kadence
is called Kadi.  If your child
doesn't have a nickname, then
you can leave that field blank
when you order.  
This page has the child's full
name and the name of their
school.  Also the city in which
they live.
This page shows the child looking
forward to the day.
The parents watch lovingly as the
child gets on the school bus.
I love this page where the
teacher's name is listed.  
She lets the children know
that soon they all will be
learning to read.  This book
presents a positive message
about learning.
Please verify the accuracy and spelling of all information before you finalize your order as that is the
information that I will be using to make your book.  Thanks....

I am a licensed Create A Book dealer from St. Louis, Mo.
My First Day of School                         $16.95
Full Name
Nick Name
Age & Gender
School Name
City & State
Teachers Name
Book From
Date of Gift
Who Gave Pack
This book names their school, their
teachers name, friends, who gave them
their first back pack and lots more.
This hard back book has 31 pages and full