Do you have a child that loves the outdoors, or is
adventurous and loves treasure hunts?  This
personalized book has all of those elements.  Your child
takes a camping adventure with a beloved adult, such
color pictures, this hard cover book is sure to quickly
become a favorite.  You personalize the story with the
child's city and state, friends that go along on the
adventure and a personalized message that makes this
book a keepsake.
My Camping Adventure            $16.95
1st Class Shipping                     $ 4.00
Full Name
Nick Name
Adult Camping Partner
City & State
Book From
Date of Gift
personalized message, who the
book is from and the date of
the gift.
This picture has a very short
personalized message, but you
can add up to three lines.
In the rest of the book, their
first name is used.  If they go
by a shortened name or a nick
name, you can give that
information, such as
Christopher and Chris, or Ava
and Sugar Pie or whatever you
call that child.  If they don't
have a nickname, leave that
field blank when you order.
On this page you see
the adult camping
partner and the
friends that went
camping with him.
You'll notice that
cleaning up their trash
is mentioned.  I love
how teaching principals
can be inserted into a
fun story.
Here the friends are
listed.  They are in
many pages of the story
as they go along with
your child on their
camping trip.
They go fishing, riding in
canoes and lots of other
outdoor fun.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, please email me at
information that I will be using to make your book.  Thanks....

I am a licensed Create A Book dealer from St. Louis, Mo.