Little One, Little One Personalized Book
This is a delightful book for children.  The writing style is
poetic, with colorful pictures of different animals at the zoo.
It includes numbers and animal identification and is also a
bedtime story.
Little One, Little One          $16.95
First Class Shipping               $ 4.00
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And the best part is it's personalized with your child's name,
parents or grandparents etc.) and many other aspects of
personalization specific for your child.  
A dedication page is included with the child's full name, age, a
personalized message, who the book is from and the date of
the gift, making this book a keepsake for years to come.
Take a look at the pictures below for more detailed information
on this endearing story.
Here is the dedication page.  As
you can see, it has the child's full
name, age and a personalized
message as simple as "Happy your
message is longer than what the
order form will accept, you can
email me your longer message and
I'll make sure to add it to the
page. The field above will accept
80 spaces.
A nickname can be added. If the
child doesn't go by any nickname,
you can leave that field blank.  If
they do, ie Christopher and Chris,
Christopher will be on the
dedication page, and Chris will be
what he is called throughout the
This is the page where
the loved ones are
Here we have the
number 4.
And the number

As you can see, this book is also a bedtime story.

As stated above, if any of the fields will not accept
the amount of spaces you need or if you have any
questions that are not answered here, please email
me at
Please verify the accuracy and spelling of all
information before you finalize your order as that is
the information that I will be using to make your
book.  Thanks....

I am a licensed Create A Book dealer from St.
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