Flannel Swaddling Blankets
These blankets are 100% cotton
flannel.  They are so soft and are a
large 42 X 42 inches or larger.  With
blankets this large you can get a nice
snug wrap, even on the most wriggly

Take a look at the choices below to
see what is offered.
Flannel Swaddler                           $12.95
1st Class Shipping                         $  3.95
Flannel Print & Color
Blue Flannel Multi Dot
Flannel w Lions
Pink Flannel wBrown Animals
Flannel Trains
Lime Flannel w Brown Animals
Blue Trendy Dots
Flannel Turq w Brown
Flannel Ducky
Flannel Pink w Polka Dots
Flannel  Lambs
Flannel Little Buddy
Pink Flannel Trendy Dot
Flannel Blue w Polka Dots
finished with like colored thread.
  • These blankets grow with your
    child.  When they have outgrown
    enough to use as nap time
    blankets.  My grandchildren still
    use theirs even though they are
4 & 5.
nursing covers.  Their nice size make a
more secure cover.

  • Large enough to lay out as a play
    blanket when visiting other

  • 100% Cotton makes them
    "breathable" so they are good to
    use when covering a stroller to
    providing shade.

  • Consider giving a new mom a
    nice supply of these for a baby
    shower or new born gift.  They
    will definitely be used and
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