Here are close up pictures of the teal
muslin swaddler.  You can see how
light and airy the fabric is.  It's
perfect for summer days and is a
great blanket to double with a flannel
for extra warmth in the winter.  All
the burp cloths are backed with soft,
absorbent terry cloth.  Double layers
are extra absorbent. The Burp Cloths
are approximately 17 X 10 inches.
Below are pictures of the
different burp cloths that pair
well with this blanket.
Muslin Swaddler & Burp Cloth Combo  $17.95
1st Class Shipping                                 $ 4.00
Swaddler Color
Burp Cloth Print
Flannel Animal Stripe
Cotton Carousel
Cotton Animal Stripe
Blue Flannel Multi Dot
Blue Flannel W Polka Dot
Flannel Frog
Flannel Gumball
Flannel Ducky
Flannel Monkey
Flannel Little Buddy
Flannel Lamb
Flannel Puppy
Flannel Multi Flower
Flannel Teal Purple Flower
Flannel Safari